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Portal 2 - The Final Hours: Thoughts

Starting off with this rather charming picture from Portal 2 - The Final Hours of God Gabe himself, I come fresh from finishing this fantastic ‘interactive book’ which details various aspects of VALVe, the people that work there, and of course, the focus game - Portal 2 and how that came to be, including all the various stories from the three employees from DigiPen (School for Video Game design) who created the portal concept.

But it isn’t just about Portal, and that is the surprise here, it briefly explores the history of Valve, their problems, illness, leaks, and a confused and horrified team. Their horror? Having to create a sequel to the Portal phenomenon, their confusion? How exactly do they create a sequel to Portal? 

The various concepts, the different phases within Valve, the early ideas for Portal 2, how did the co-op come into play? There are some remarkable facts, that are sometimes hard to believe given how perfectly executed Valve’s games seem. Well worth the money.