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Apple's Full Screen Applications

After a little experimentation by installing the Mac OS X Lion Gold Master on a separate partition on my laptop, I decided to take the potentially silly plunge and install it on my main partition.

I’ve come across something that Apple has been trying to push, but few have actually understood why, me included. Full Screen applications. They’re usually laughed off, with people assuming it is the windows equivalent of the maximise button on Windows, something Mac OS X has traditionally ignored with a solution that instead only maximises the window to the size of the content.

But Apple’s full screen function is system wide, and goes completely full screen. Apple made comparison to how people use applications on the iPad, and how they’re completely full screen too - with no distractions. Why would you want this on your desktop? Well, I’ve found something rather surprising. 

If you combine this feature with the swiping gestures new in Lion and the new Spaces implementation (merged into Mission control), then you can use your full screen applications, and bounce between apps like you may do on your iPad. It is quick, it is easy, and it allows you to take advantage of a full screen browser, word processor, or anything else. 

Some may not find that particularly appealing, but I have certainly found it… interesting. You have the space, you’re still using windows, but in a slightly different way. I’m not suggesting it is a game changer, but there is more to it than what immediately comes to mind when Apple mention it as a major feature.