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I'm rather interested in my own presence on social networks, at least the ones I use now, I deleted my Facebook account a few years ago, so you'll only find me on Twitter and Google+. But neither of those services give you the extended statistics or flexible access to your data, and when you find external services that do provide that sort of data, they rarely update as often as you'd like and sometimes they just remove your data after a certain amount of time. Roll in ThinkUp!

A self-hosted web application, you can crawl your social networks for data, have it analysed, produce some funky statistics and.. remind yourself that you tweet a little too much. I think what excites me most, despite probably never using it, is the eventual capability to analyse your twitter feed live, and embed it into other web pages and have your tweets just roll in. I've set it up on my server, and if you want, you can register on it yourself and link up your  social networks for a little of your own exciting analysis.

thinkupapp.comthinkup - My installationthinkup - My installation register