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Tapbots: I have fallen in love

It isn't often I find myself gushing over software, I mean, I love the extra design and philosophy that goes into some of Apple's software, but that is just a general appreciation, a preference over it's competitors.

A month or so ago, I was recommended a new twitter client, Tweetbot. I thought I was fairly happy with the official twitter client, but I gave this a try just for a change. I was greeted with a nice, well thought out guide to the application and as I was thumbing through it, I noticed some rather satisfying sound effects applied to the buttons and other various interactions with the UI. They had me there.

But then as I continued exploring the application, I noticed all the animations and brilliant design aesthetic and was in awe of such fantastic design. I dug a little deeper to find some great configuration options, and one that especially pleased me was the ability to use your own URL shortener. So, they've taken over my mobile twitter life, what else?

I recently just happened across their developer page on the iTunes app store and gave their calculator iOS application, CalcBot a go, they served me well in the past, and again, they had me at the sound effects and animations. There really is something in this, you're just prodding at a slab of glass with most applications, but with this extra detail you get that tactile feedback that just gives that premium feel to the application that is head and shoulders above the competition, not only in mobile development.

That is it, I went through and bought up the rest of their applications, PasteBot a really good applications with a Mac companion that synchronises your clipboard seamlessly and instantaneously across all the devices you register with the application, and finally, WeightBot and ConvertBot, hand utility applications. I have the wolframalpha app that serves the purpose of one of those applications and a lot more, but I really do appreciate Tapbots approach to software development. They have only released one iPad app so far, and that is a universal binary for CalcBot, and I do hope they expand TweetBot and PasteBot to the iPad, but even if they don't I'm happy to support a team that puts such importance over such things.

Design and functionality above the rest.