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Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Ubisoft should be shouting a little louder

Ubisoft hasn't had the best of time with PC gamers over the past couple of years. We had their dreadful always-on DRM system and half-hearted console ports that were released significantly later than their console counter-parts. But Ubisoft has gone quite a long way relative to their previous efforts with ACR, it's graphics on PC are brilliant on maximum settings, even on low settings, it looks quite nice, but maximum settings, 8X AA, everything on maximum and it doesn't struggle to sync frames at 60 fps.

So, technically, the game is great, there are sections in the game that seriously impress me graphically and there havent been any obvious glitches. But most of all, Ubisoft have removed their horrible always-on DRM, something that have had PC gamers shunning Ubisoft games. But I don't really hear Ubisoft talking about this, there seems to have been significant effort in the actual game to make the PC version a good one, and they have sorted the main complaint against their PC games.

Ubisoft should be talking about this a little more. I usually play the Assassin's Creed games on console, but as I always prefer to have the better performance, graphics and control options I would always prefer to get the game on PC. But AC games of the past always released months after their console versions, but this was only a month or so afterwards, they allowed you to pre-order and preload it on Steam, and it was priced properly at £29.99. I've attached some screenshots I've taken of the game below, I think you'll agree that it is quite a pretty game considering it a 5 year old engine.

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