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Christopher Hitchens has died

Today, we've heard the news us fans have been dreading, vanityfair reports that Hitchens died "at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas."  after a battle with cancer we all witnessed.

But nonetheless, I enjoyed listening to him speak on the subject (and other subjects, politics, specifically), and while I still don't agree with everything he stood for, the Iraq war was a big one, I can still respect other characteristics. He was a vicious debater, unapologetic for his mannerisms towards those who dribble the shit he was so adamantly opposed to. His debating skills are well-known around internet communities, popularising the appropriate term 'hitch-slapped' in which many have been on the receiving end of, including our former prime minister, Tony Blair. I'd recommend spending a few hours on YouTube if you're not familiar with any of this.

His last written piece on vanityfair on the subject of his own illness is one that i'd certainly recommend reading.