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An Honest Liar

Here is a rather interesting new project I have stumbled upon (with the help of reddit), a documentary on James Randi, a famous magician who took a different approach to performing. He told you it was an illusion, he told you he was about to lie to you up front. Much like what Derren Brown does today, and much like Derren is a fellow skeptic.

He went around exposing several famous 'psychics', magicians, and the disgusting people that call themselves faith healers. Among his victims was Uri Geller, he gave possible explanations for his tricks, and then helped a US chat show set up Uri into a position where he nor any of his staff could replicate any of these possible methods that Randi exposed, leaving the only one method left that Uri claimed it was - a supernatural one. Obviously, he couldn't do it and made up all sorts of excuses on the show. What followed was a few attempts to sue Randi by Uri, he lost all of them.

He also exposed a famous faith healer of the time. Explaining how a man who claimed to be healing people of cancer, asking hundreds of people to throw away their medication on to his stage, was a fake. Watch the video, it's worth it. I'm not a fan of Uri Gellar, but he doesn't compare to these so called faith healers, who take money away from people who are in complete desperation, who lie to them, telling them they have been healed of whatever illness. It is a disgusting and dangerous act.

I am rather excited about this documentary, it involves appearances of Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Penn and Teller.