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Offline: Did you hear the news about Diet Coke?

Offline: Did you hear the news about Diet Coke? | The Verge.

I had a long train ride in from a video shoot in Queens on Wednesday, and I diligently combed my issue of The New York Times. The user interface on newspapers isn't very good, and it involved a lot of wrestling, cajoling, and crumpling on my part, but I eventually managed to skim every page of the paper and didn't find a single mention of Diet Coke.
Whilst not entirely the point of the article (Another entry in the Paul Miller diary (he has left the internet for a year!)), It does remind me about newspapers in today's tech world.

The Guardian iPad edition is brilliant. Almost.  It is everything  modern newspaper should be, it is easy to carry, as it is on your tablet, obviously it isn't disposable but it is multipurpose, it is interactive, it includes lovely images and videos and is much easier to navigate.

But why oh why do you insist on making me have a subscription?! Let me buy a single issue, I don't always want or have the time to read a paper but I'd like to just be able to quickly download it when I do.

I don't buy papers at the moment, I'll pick up one that has been left around and casually skim one, but it is annoying and cumbersome. A future where newspapers are ubiquitous among our smartphones, and more importantly, tablets is one I can't wait to be in.