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Call of Duty sales "aren't down, they're just different"

Call of Duty sales "aren't down, they're just different" • News • Eurogamer.net.

Recent data that showedCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sales are markedly slower than Black Ops at equivalent times in their respective life cycles doesn't tell the whole story, according to the game's executive producer.

Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin told Eurogamer that the way people are buying Call of Duty is changing. He argued that Modern Warfare 3 has a shorter tale than its predecessors because sales of new COD launches are now more front-loaded than ever.

Whilst I doubt there is much to worry about from Activision's perspective, I should admit I do want to see sales dropping off for this series, at least as it currently stands.

I want to see more innovation, more risks being taken. What Call of Duty is now is an extremely low-risk, yearly release that is in danger of being run directly into the ground just like Guitar Hero was. You will burn your player base out on the franchise very quickly if you continue at this pace.

Plenty of people love the game as it is, but will they still want to buy the same games over and over again over the next few years? I'm unsure. Perhaps there is a sports game like attitude from the audience too, when it comes to this game, people buy Fifa and Madden every year with minimal changes and have done for a very long time.

We will see, we will see.