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Google raises concerns over browser restrictions in Windows 8

Google raises concerns over browser restrictions in Windows 8 | The Verge.

Google has agreed with Mozilla's stance that Microsoft is blocking browser choice in the next-generation Windows platforms. In a statement provided to CNETthe search giant says that it shares "the concerns Mozilla has raised regarding the Windows 8 environment restricting user choice and innovation." Mozilla's complaint was specifically targeted at the ARM-based Windows RT, and its not clear if Google's mention of "Windows 8" is simply poorly worded or if it has broader issues with the Metro environment.
This is a tricky one, I think I know what Microsoft are trying to do here, and don't think they are trying to be anti-competitive. The desktop application within WindowsRT (Windows on ARM) is something that is there to only support legacy applications, allowing a completely open system in that sense may encourage developers to target the desktop application for a development platform over the primary development platform for Windows RT, which is Metro.

I'm glad both Google and Mozilla have brought it up, in case Microsoft are doing something they shouldn't be, but I don't think they are. I think they are just struggling with the side effects of having to put this desktop application within the system. Me? I have said in the past that I think they should have just cut the desktop application out of Windows RT completely, having it in there just increases the chances of a consumer stumbling into it and having to put up with the horrible experience of regular Windows on a tablet.