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Hideo Kojima: video game drop-out – interview part 1

Hideo Kojima: video game drop-out – interview part 1 | Technology | guardian.co.uk.

Six months after Hideo Kojima joined Konami, one of Japan's most respected video game studios, he was asked by a university friend to be best man at his wedding.

"The groom stood up to introduce me. He said: 'Welcome everybody. This is Mr Kojima. He's a very talented and otherwise likeable person. But I am sorry to say that, for some unknown reason, he has decided to join a video game company.' Everybody laughed. You see: working in thegamesindustry was seen as a very low status job at that time. There wasn't even a word in Japanese for the job of game designer back then. I would lie at parties. I told people I worked for a financial firm ..."

Born to well-to-do parents, Kojima – the creator of the multi-million selling Metal Gear series, and vice-president of Konami Digital Entertainment – was the youngest of three children and a high achiever from a young age. But he was also a dreamer.

Strong interview. Strong.