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iOS6 wishlist

WWDC is nearly upon us, so there is a lot of excitement of what will be revealed about iOS6. I am a fan of how iOS does certain things and that has what kept me from the competitors all these years, but with other platforms catching on to this and improving on those aspects I favoured iOS for, I am more and more tempted to try those other platforms as my main phone.

There are, however, a few things I'd love for Apple to get out with iOS6 that would keep me from trying those other platforms full time. I will break down the following lists into two categories, the first is 'important' the second, just a 'wish'.


  • Set default applications for different tasks. Let me use my own browser, or mail client, or maps app, for example.
  • Give app developers more flexibility to hook into the underlying OS and other applications. It restricts functionality that other platforms get on fine with allowing. For example, allow applications to create public APIs that are accessible via the OS if that app is installed, so you aren't going out to some external service to hook into those APIs.
  • Less static screens, give us more glance-able information.
  • Integrate app functionality into core OS menus. Like sharing, so we don't need to wait for Apple to do it, Facebook, for example. Would also allow users to choose what sharing options they want displayed.
  • Refreshed look and feel. Not a change in design language, but just some aesthetic updates, some things aren't as nice as they could be, and haven't evolved with the hardware as much. Not that important as iOS is generally well designed, some aesthetic trends are a bit annoying, like this obsession with real-world textures in a digital interface. It's a bit ugly.
  • I... Think that is it? Stuff I'd like but isn't that important..
These are of course just things I'd like, not stuff I expect them to announce soon.