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Steam store search shows categories for non-gaming apps

Steam store search shows categories for non-gaming apps | The Verge.

The Steam app for Android shows a number of new categories that have little to do with gaming, which could be a shred of evidence that Valve is considering different kinds of apps for its popular game distribution service. The "Genre" section of the app's index lists genres like "accounting, education, software training," and "photo editing," with a total of ten additional categories over those shown in the Steam desktop client — though none of the categories contain any software. 
Potentially exciting news. Steam offers a rather good user experience, is run by a very, very consumer friendly company, one of the best, is also a company that seemingly has very good relations with content creators (as they are themselves content creators too).

I think the overall design of Steam would need an overhaul, it needs cleaning up and modernising. Steam has progressed a fair amount over the years, but its web window into the store and lack of native interfaces for these web services can harm performance and usability.

I'm not willing to declare this as a win, as Valve are a games company, they know about games, they know about gamers. General purpose software is a wholly different beast. But I have great faith in them as a company, how agile and responsive to consumers gives me hope that they could pull this off, but there are, mainly usability and image challenges they would need to figure out before I could consider it taking off and being a success.