"NFC is not widely implemented" as an argument for the iPhone not including it

Something has been annoying me over the past few days as people justify Apple not including any sort of NFC functionality in the iPhone 5, and at the core of that argument for many is "The infrastructure isn't there".

  1. So? What harm does having it do? Where is the harm in being prepared? The cost in implementing this is very insignificant.

  2. Here is an opportunity for Apple to help push the industry forward. If the iPhone adopts something, then the industry adopts it too, most of the time. Building of NFC infrastructure would have massively accelerated, Apple could have had the opportunity to provide a slick implementation of it to market and gain 'ownership' of, and we're all winners!

Implementing it and it not being adopted would not have been a loss. Apple had nothing to lose by adding NFC, they have the resources to do this sort of stuff, but as with most things with iOS6 - they're settling into following the pack, not leading it, annoyingly.