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q-URL.co - Early-Alpha Android app released

Android app on Google Play

Of course, by Early-Alpha, I mean, I haven't put all that much work into this, it is very barebones, so I'm calling it early-alpha to protect me from all criticism. But I want the critisicm, though I'd prefer just simple, constructive suggestions. I need a direction in which to take this, I like the idea of making a mobile service. I started writing this because I wanted to use q-URL.co on my phone easily, and Android intents makes that incredibly intuitive.

My plans for the immediate future are to update the interface, it is very bare, featureless and rather boring. I still want to keep it very simple as I want it to be something people spend 5 - 10 seconds in at most, when they send their long URL to the app, then share it back out via the app. It shouldn't take very long at all.

Other updates are to create a widget which may solve some of my UI problems, and allow the app to operate more as a background service, to send the URL to the app, the app stays in the background and copies the shortened URL to your clipboard. Which would be a toggle option in the settings, because some people may want to be able to easily share from the app itself.

Click the 'Get it on Google Play' button to go to the app page. My ultimate plan is to get a version out for Windows Phone and iOS, but that may be a while yet, I have other things to do, and I'm lazy.