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Back this: Project GODUS by 22cans — Kickstarter

I love Peter Molyneux. Some don't, some believe he has over promised on some games. I just believe he loves the medium, I've seen him talk at Eurogamer twice, he comes across as someone who genuinely loves games and wants to try and push the medium.

He perhaps has suffered (from a press perspective) from having an ambitious imagination, who wants to share his ideas with people, who wants to talk about games, but as I'm sure many PR people know - that can be damaging.

I'd love for this to get kickstarted, not just because I'd love to play the game. But because I want to see Molyneux succeed with his team at 22cans. I want to see what they can do by themselves, and they're seemingly getting stuck in already, showing off gameplay videos, including this latest prototype multiplayer preview.

GODUS is an innovative reinvention of Populous, the original god game and delivers exciting global co-operation, competition, creation and destruction to a whole new generation..

via Project GODUS by 22cans — Kickstarter.