Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite is a bit of big moment for the games industry. This is one of those moments that remind me why video games can be such a brilliant and unique medium for this kind of story telling.

Ken Levine and Irrational Games have created something quite special, the world, the characters, the story, the way you experience them is truly unique. Everything about this game feels like it was created by people who love what they do, they love what they wanted to achieve, and they did it. It is a massive artistic achievement  from the character development, the story, the gorgeous graphics, the memorable and appropriate soundtrack, and the detail given to this insane, but believable world.

I wish more people would play this, and I'm not just talking about gamers. I wish people who have never played a game could get into this and experience the brilliance, but I know that won't happen and that makes me desperately sad.

As I sat back after the credits finished and thought about the game, overwhelmed is probably the best word to describe my feelings, and again when I started listening to the original soundtrack and having the game flash back to me, overwhelmed.