E3: Console gaming gets a little worse

Whilst gamers are too busy cheering that Sony did absolutely nothing different than the PS3 and all consoles before it, they announced they would be charging for basic online gameplay on the PS4, but for a good 10 minutes or so, no one seemed to realise because Sony, in an uncharacteristically well thought out move managed to build people up so much.

Lets tally up what we have lost and gained today:


- Nothing


- The ability to play the game you purchased without paying an extra subscription fee

The cost is negligible, and perhaps Sony can prove it to me why I should be paying for it. (A mostly peer to peer based gaming network like Xbox 360's XBL is NOT justification), but at the moment, looking at the current market, looking at Sony's general capability to deliver on these services and to be competitive - I don't see it.

I'm still buying an XBOne and a PS4, but the announcements have left me very disappointed. The PS4 conference wasn't particularly good exclusive wise, as far as finding out about a game? I can say that inFamous: Second Son is the only game that excites me at this point. The PS3 was undoubtedly the best console this generation for me, and I have faith that Sony will continue to deliver in the area that made it so, first party games - but this was disappointing, both how the conference was presented and what was presented, I have to hand it to Microsoft for the first time in 4 years for the better E3 conference.

Other than the price, that was cool. £349 for the PS4, £429 for the XBone!