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PC rebuild complete


I have a dedicated page for my 'setup' http://q-url.co/setup

.. but I'm still not happy with it. (Spoiler: ugly cables)

July this year I decided to upgrade from my aging i7 920 (x58) to the brand new Haswell platform and bought myself an i7 4770K, a gaudy Asus Z87-Pro (gold heatsinks..?) and 16GB of RAM. Earlier in the year I had bought a EVGA GTX 680 Classified and then was able to step-up at no extra charge (other than shipping fees) to a new GTX 780.

I'm happy with the upgrade from a performance perspective, but at the time I forgot to buy a new bracket for my existing Corsair H50 closed-loop watercooler, so just stuck the stock Intel heatsink on there and left it at that.

But the temptation finally got the better of me earlier late in December. I wanted a new CPU cooler, and whilst I was at it - I wanted to do a full rebuild of my system, cleaning out the case and getting rid of cables that were no longer necessary. Probably a bad idea, it rekindled an obsession with getting things looking nice in my case - I spent about £70 or more on buying new case fans (Corsair's excellent AF120s, AF140s and SP120s (static pressure)).

This also presented an opportunity to fix something on the case I had broken and at the same time upgrade this particular component. The Corsair 800D has 4 hotswap drive bays that connect into a SATA backplane - which because of the release date of the 800D (Pre SATAIII), was SATAII. Thankfully Corsair support their cases and other products with a rather large catalogue of spareparts and upgrades so that you don't have to throw away your entire case when new standards come out.

I fitted the new backplate which also provided yet more opportunity to get rid of cables in the case, unlike the previous backplate which required an individual SATA power cable for every bay - this one requires just one. It's a small thing, but I like that Corsair put the thought into improving the design of what is essentially a small spare part.

When I finally managed to find somewhere that had the Corsair H100i (dual 120mm radiator CPU cooler) in stock, I could complete my rebuild and be happy!

But as I said. I'm not really. I still have a few components in my case that are annoying me a bit, and it's mainly due to the cabling. I have a pretty good power supply, Corsair (noticing a trend here?) HX850w - it's of the first generation modular power supplies which weren't 100% modular. The CPU, motherboard and a set of dual 8pin PCI power connectors are hard-wired into the power supply, with everything else being modular.

It was a very well regarded power supply when it was released, and in terms of its effectiveness at being a power supply, it still is. But I don't like the cable situation, we have large, non-modular, fat, multicoloured cables that are difficult to manage and look ugly. So.. I want a new power supply - not because I need one, but because of aesthetics. I'd like an RM or AX series Corsair PSU to replace it, with some red braided cabling. Maybe.

That's insane. But I have rationalised it to myself because I do need another power supply for a separate server/NAS build I'm planning with my old i7 920 motherboard/CPU/RAM, I can drop this HX850w down to that system! I'm not insane!