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Half-Life 2: Oculus DK2 + Hydra

I manage to subdue my excitement for the Oculus Rift most of the time to avoid buying the development kit - and instead waiting for the consume verison.

But videos like this make it super hard. The guys who have put together this Half-life 2 mod have done an excellent job. They've taken a 10 year old game and seemingly made a 10 year old game seem like it was built for VR.

Everything from the UI to the controls, the weapon mechanics all seem well thought out for VR. It isn't just Half-Life 2 played with an Oculus Rift, there have been significant modifications to make showcase the potential of VR coupled with an appropriate control scheme.

Finally, as I said, this is a 10 year old game! There are naturally limits to the game design that can't be messed with without breaking the game - and this game was built well before VR seemed like a realistic possibility. The potential for games that are built entirely with VR in mind are exciting.