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Logitech is littering my PCs

Logitech is littering my PCs

With a recent LogiOptions+ update, which is Logitech's software to enable certain functionality of their keyboards and mice, they included "AI Prompt Builder", a GPT integration that does something I'm not in the slightest bit interested in.

I don't really mind them adding new functionality, I'm sure someone might find it useful, but this 'AI Prompt Builder':

  • Enables a process on your machine 'Logi AI Prompt Builder'
  • Creates a stupid and annoying folder in your home directory ai_overlay_tmp

All before I've even clicked the 'setup' button on the feature. Why? Just let me use the basics of my keyboard and mouse.

I like my MX Mechanical Mini & MX Master. They're excellent devices and broadly, I haven't minded the Logitech software despite a bit of bugginess here and there (with it randomly consuming a bunch of memory).

However this is the type of behaviour that really sours my opinion of the devices and company. It's just inconsiderate behaviour by Logitech. Add the features, advertise them when you open up the app if you want, but start the processes and start dropping folders on my machine in annoying places without me explicitly enabling and opting into it.

There's no reason for it other than their own corporate selfishness, I hope Logitech makes this truly opt-in.