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Tearaway: Complete

Tearaway: Complete

I have completed Tearaway and have concluded it to be not only one of the best handheld games this year (in an excellent year for handhelds), but one of the best games this year across any platform.

It's charming and fun. It's the best looking handheld game I have ever played, and again, one of the best looking games I have ever played regardless of platform.

It isn't a difficult game, but it does provide a bit of a challenge in places thanks to its use of front touch and rear touch pads on the PSVita, something many have come to expect a bad time from.

MediaMolecule built this game around the multitude of inputs available on the Vita, from the two touch surfaces, to the gyroscope, microphone, camera and tradition physical inputs.

Amazingly I didn't once think "I wish this wasn't here" as it all felt natural and necessary, it wasn't waved in my face as a tech demo, it felt like there was no other way to achieve these actions. It made me a believer in the idea that these features can truly enhance a game when executed on as well as this.

It had me smiling throughout. There really isn't much I can fault about this game other than I wish I had more of it to play! It was an immensely rewarding experience that was made all the better by the inclusion of 'You' (you'll understand if you play, and I don't just mean your face being displayed in the Sun).

The idea of Tearaway was immaculately executed upon, and praise such as that is only matched by games such as Portal 2 in my world. A bit of charm goes a long way..