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What I am playing: Week 11/03/2013

I have been toying around with the idea of logging down the games I have been playing over the past week with some thoughts for some time, finally got around to giving it a go. Let us see how long this lasts!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)
Pretty much always my most played game of the week. Nothing else compares (outside of the Counter-Strike series, of course), nothing else can replace it. Had some especially great competitive moments in the past week or so. Valve need to implement some sort of automatic demo (match recording) system for CSGO, those great moments you can’t show anyone else because you forgot to start a demo record.. gone.

SimCity (PC)
Yep. Still enjoying it, waiting for some issues to be fixed like the traffic and cheeta speed to be reenabled, but still having lots of fun. Despite the game having a fair few issues at the moment, it isn’t ruining my enjoyment because of the way I play these games. It is less about realism and more about the obsessive planning and efficiency you can achieve.

Tomb Raider (PC)
Completed it last week, but slowly dipping in and out to get the rest of the collectibles, hidden tombs, etc. I don’t normally do that, but it has been a great game, and want more of it!

Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC (PC)
Fantastic bit of content. Surprisingly funny, very sentimental and overall just great fun. Really nice to be back in that universe again, with those characters, but in a more light hearted setting. Reminds you of what an incredible series Mass Effect has been.

Sound Shapes (PSVita)
Not had too much time on this yet, but the new DLC is available, so have had a brief look at that.