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What I am playing: Week 18/03/2013

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (PC)

A fantastic patch released a few days ago with an overhaul to the hostages mode, which has made it a much more viable mode for competitive play. I doubt it'll take off among the real "competitive players" as the CS crowd are a stubborn lot, but I gets my approval. By having CTs just pick up and carry a single hostage (1 out of 2 randomly placed hostages required) out to safety, It gives hostages the feel and much of the feeling of traditional defuse mode, you don't have to mess around babysitting the silly hostage AI as they attempt to follow you around, and escorting the player who is carrying the hostage becomes an actual priority for the team.

SimCity (PC)

More SimCity, the traffic patch released to some mixed reception. I am certainly seeing a decent improvement, but have held off playing too much as I am still waiting for "cheeta" mode to be re-enabled. Still planning in my head though!

Persona 4: Golden (PSVita)

An excellent game so far, very tight, intriguing story, a quirky, charming world but not without typical translated Japanese cheese. Combat is fun, it feels like a perfect fit for the portable and it looks great. Struggle to find much fault with it, at the moment.

Ace of Spaces (PC)

I bought this on Steam, I'm not sure why. I gave it 20 minutes of my time, and I had a bit of fun, but nothing to pull me away from other games.